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ICRR Researcher in @UofSC Today News

Recruiting Infants for a Study on Attention  

The Infant Development Lab is currently recruiting parents with infants ages 3 to 12 months.  Visit our website for more information…

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The Infant Development Lab and The Early Social Development & Intervention Lab will have a booth at Columbia’s Soda City Event on Main Street on August 21st. Come by and visit to receive more information on our current research projects. We hope to see you there!

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A group of postdocs from the University of Maryland (Nathan Fox lab) and National Institutes of Health (Daniel Pine lab) visited to learn about integrating source analysis of EEG/ERP with structural MRI and fMRI in a study of the flanker task in adolescent children.

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Meet Beni! A recent participant in one of our EEG studies. He seems to be enjoying our photogrammetry machine! This device is designed to take many pictures at one time, creating a 3D image of Beni’s head. Cool stuff…

ICRR Partners With BuildClinical

BuildClinical is a marketing and advertising company which supports academic researchers in participant recruitment and participant recruitment is very important for successful research. 

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